Boone Scenic Valley Railroad

Boone Scenic Valley Railroad

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Boone Scenic Valley Railroad

Boone, IA

Friday, June 20, 2014

booneThis is a tour designed to remember and experience the nostalgia associated with the grand era of luxury transportation known as the RAILROAD. All of us that are older than the computer remember the luxury associated with the PULLMAN SLEEPER and DINING CARS providing luxury travel via The SANTA FE CHIEF and other marquis of railroad transportation.

By popular request we have designed an afternoon and evening to bring both young and old back into the era of luxury transportation provided by The Boone Scenic Valley Railroad.

We will board the “City of Los Angeles” diner car and enjoy a menu of prime rib, pork loin, salmon steak, chicken marsala or five-chicken lasagna. As we enjoy our diner we will travel through rolling hills, cross the Bass Point CreeK High Bridge and along the river to the bottom of the Des Moines river valley.

What a wonderful and romantic way to start the weekend. Get your sweetheart (I’m bringing mine), relatives, kids and friends to join you on this nostalgic and beautiful railway extravaganza. The more the merrier!

$119.50 PP

Transportation will be provided by Luxury Motorcoach equipped with Restroom, AC outlets and DVD player. We will also have on board our now famous “IT’S FIVE O’CLOCK SOMEWHERE” refreshment cart for the provision of libation for both young and old. Champagne, Wine, Beer, Cocktails. You name it we will probably have it. And, of course, soft drinks and snacks for the youngsters.



2:00 PM – Depart Sam’s Club on Blairs Ferry Rd. Cedar Rapids, with pick-ups enroute.

4:30 PM – Arrive at Boone Train Station, Boone Iowa

5:30 PM – Departure – “City of Los Angeles” diner train for your on-board enjoyment

8:00 PM – Depart for Cedar Rapids

10:30 PM – Arrive at Sam’s Club

11:00 PM – Wake all your friends that didn’t go and tell them what a great time you had

Contact us to reserve a seat.