Lanesboro MN – Lifestyle Tour

Lanesboro MN – Lifestyle Tour

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August 25, 2019 @ 10:00 am – August 27, 2019 @ 12:00 pm
Cedar Valley Resort
905 Bench Street
MN 55949
Gold Crown Travel & Tour

Working with Soko Outfitters, Cedar Rapids’ premier outdoor outfitters and enthusiasts, we have designed and facilitated an outstanding recreational event for all bikers, kayakers, canoers, and fishermen.

cedar-valley-resort-cabinWe will be staying in large well-equipped cabins that include every convenience, with 8 private bedrooms, each sleeping 2, located at the Cedar Valley Resort – a Bluff Country Paradise in Lanesboro, MN. The resort is located on the Root River with multiple bike paths and water sport facilities to satisfy all recreational tastes.

Bike all day on hundreds of miles of paved trails or off road trails and beautiful and challenging gravel roads. This area is a biker’s paradise at every level.

Perhaps you would like more variety - mix it up a little. Bike half a day and kayak, canoe, tube or fish the other half. You call it and we will make it happen.

Your trip will begin the morning of August 25th with transportation to Lanesboro MN. via. Luxury motor coach. Your bike will be loaded at the same time on a separate special bike carrier and will arrive at Lanesboro when you do. Upon arrival we will off load the bikes and check into our cabin. The remainder of the trip will be dependent on individual interest. The motor coach will be available at all times to provide shuttle service when required.



Sunday August 25

10:00 AM - Depart Soko Outfitters 41 16th Ave SW. Czech Village, Cedar Rapids.

Motor coach will be on site at 9:00AM for loading bikes and personal belongings on carriers.

1:00 PM - Arrive at Cedar Valley Resort Lanesboro MN.

Check into cabin, unload bikes and enjoy the remainder of the day following your pursuit

cabin-interior6:00 PM - Social hour at the cabin. Bring your own libation of choice.

The cabin has multiple kitchen and refrigerator facilities.  This is when we all can get together and discuss tomorrow’s personal agendas.

7:00 PM - A catered dinner will be served

8:00 PM - Social time around the campfire or Motor Coach to Lanesboro for a little in-town fun.


Monday August 26

fly-fishing8:00 AM - Catered breakfast to be served at the cabin.

Spend the day pursuing your adventure or multiple adventures of choice

6:00 PM - Social hour at the cabin

7:00 PM - Catered dinner to be served at the cabin.

8:00 PM - After dinner activities of choice


Tuesday August 27

8:00 AM – Catered breakfast to be served at the cabin.

9:00 AM - Load up and depart for Cedar Rapids.

12:00 PM - Arrive at SOKO OUTFITTERS Cedar Rapids, enjoy a post experience get-together.

This tour will be hosted by experienced outdoor enthusiasts from SOKO Outfitters & Gold Crown Travel.



  • Transportation via. Luxury Motor Coach
  • Bike Transportation via. Bike Transporter
  • 8 Bedroom Luxury Cabin Accommodations
  • 2 days (5-6 Hours per day) Kayak, Canoe, And Tube.
  • 4 Catered Meals BD

This is 3 days and 2 nights of nothing but fun outdoor activity.



$530 pp.dbl.oc.
Contact us to reserve your seat(s)