Travel Club Rewards Program

Effective with all tours booked after January, 1 2018, Gold Crown Travel and Tour is initiating a Rewards program designed to reward those who travel with us on multiple occasions.

The program is based on the POINT SYSTEM.

Each time a member travels with GCTT they will receive (1) point on tours with a per person cost of $500 or less.  If a Husband and Wife or any person traveling with a significant other including family members the card holder will receive (1) point for each person, with a maximum of (5) people. This does not include unrelated groups listed on a trip roster under one name.

$501 – $1000  – (2) points per person.  A couple traveling together will receive (4) points. For participating in any tour valued at $501-$1000 per person.

$1001 – $2000 – (3) points per person. Same as above terms and conditions.

$2001 – $3500 – (5) points per person.  Same as above terms and conditions.

$3501 – $6000 – (10) points per person. Same as above terms and conditions.



(1)Point = $10

Points can be redeemed against any Gold Crown Travel tour once (5) points ($50) is accumulated.

Points have NO cash value.

Cards are non. Transferable.

$10 Due at card assignment. (1) Point awarded upon assignment. Net cost of membership. $0.

USE YOUR REWARDS CARD AS A GIFT:  Rewards cards can be prepaid or accumulated points can be used as gifts. For ex.#1  (10) points or $100 pre-payment gives you (10) points on your card. Your points can then be deducted from your card and assigned to a friend or relative who will be sent a gift certificate that can be used for a $100 discount against any Gold Crown Travel tour. Points can always be added to and deducted in $10 increments.  A great way to introduce new people to our fun travel tours and groups. Ex.#2. You have (6) rewards points and you want to GIFT a $100 gift certificate to a friend or relative. You can use your (6) point and spend $40 cash for the $100 Gift Certificate.